Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Next new design out - Blast! - Booster/Overdrive/Tremolo/Swell!

Here are a few sneak preview pictures of my next new design to be released. It's a boost/overdrive pedal with expression pedal input (For what I will explain later!). At low gain it's high input impedence makes the Blast! ideal for driving long cables and setups, increase the gain slightly and you have nice clean boost, furthur increase the gain and you start to introduce slight clipping to the wave form which gives you a lovely "full" overdrive tone.

Another aspect of the design is on the inside of the pedal - it offers a socketed capacitor which can be swaped and changed to give you your required bass response (The Blast! will be supplied with 5 extra capacitors for you to experiement with!) so that you can use the Blast! as a full frequency boost or you can cut out the bass frequencies and use it as a mid and treble boost or even just as a treble boost.

Now, I will explain the inclusion of an expression pedal input. Within the next month I will be releasing a new range of "Modulator" controlers - a sequencer, a LFO and an envelope follower. When you connect any one of these controllers to the Blast! you have yourself a whole range of new sounds available to you. Connect the sequencer to the Blast! for sequenced tremolo effects, the LFO for more standard tremolo or the envelope follower for violin sounding volume swells :-) It's one hell of a pedal!