Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Next new design out - Blast! - Booster/Overdrive/Tremolo/Swell!

Here are a few sneak preview pictures of my next new design to be released. It's a boost/overdrive pedal with expression pedal input (For what I will explain later!). At low gain it's high input impedence makes the Blast! ideal for driving long cables and setups, increase the gain slightly and you have nice clean boost, furthur increase the gain and you start to introduce slight clipping to the wave form which gives you a lovely "full" overdrive tone.

Another aspect of the design is on the inside of the pedal - it offers a socketed capacitor which can be swaped and changed to give you your required bass response (The Blast! will be supplied with 5 extra capacitors for you to experiement with!) so that you can use the Blast! as a full frequency boost or you can cut out the bass frequencies and use it as a mid and treble boost or even just as a treble boost.

Now, I will explain the inclusion of an expression pedal input. Within the next month I will be releasing a new range of "Modulator" controlers - a sequencer, a LFO and an envelope follower. When you connect any one of these controllers to the Blast! you have yourself a whole range of new sounds available to you. Connect the sequencer to the Blast! for sequenced tremolo effects, the LFO for more standard tremolo or the envelope follower for violin sounding volume swells :-) It's one hell of a pedal!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Waterfall prototype unit for sale!

Right, the production design is ready. The only difference between the prototype and the production units is the PCB layout - which doesn't affect the sound in any way, shape or form.

This is the unit that is pictured on my site and it was the unit which was used to record sound samples with - an overall great unit... It's unlike any overdrive currently out there, it's range of versatility and tone is second to none.

I'm offering it at a discounted price of £80 - that includes free shipping within the UK :) I don't really know why the discount, but - I feel it would be wrong to charge the same for a unit that has been slightly used, at least 10 guitarists have had there foot on it! (Don't worry, I made them take their shoes off!)

If you would like to purchase this unit please contact me via the "contact" page on my site here:

Get it before it's gone, you defiantly will not be disappointed!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

New Project Online - The Microdrive...

There's a new project online over at my main website. It's the "Microdrive" - a cool little overdrive circuit that sounds killer. It's got a new control too - a Bass/Presence knob, I've never seen one like it implemented in an opamp based overdrive!

You can check it out on my "extras" page here:

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Pollock Tube Screamer

Hot off my desk - the Pollock Tube Screamer. It's a heavily modified Turbo Tube Screamer with a FAT Clean Boost installed. For more info on specific mods (And there where alot!) check out my custom page here:

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Electronic Overdrive on Ebay!

Yummy yum yum. A great overdrive and booster. Sound clips are on the ebay page, which is here:

Now, this is the only one I'm ever going to make so snap it up while you can :)

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Waterfall Overdrive Released!

At last. Here it is - a completely new approach to the design and construction of overdrive pedals! Instead of just working on a fixed frequency band like every other overdrive and distortion out there the Waterfall allows you to create your own unique sound by blending in just the right amount of treble, mids and bass which are all dealt with by their own dedicated overdrive circuit. Separate controls allow you to dial in just the right amount of gain onto each section so you can have any combination of clean boost and overdrive you like! Clean highs with overdriven mids and a touch of low end? Overdriven top end and clean mids? Perfectly balanced overdrive? Easy with the Waterfall!

Oh, and check out the paint job:

Yummy! For more info and sound samples get your backside here: and visit the Waterfall page!

Monday, 6 August 2007

Complete change of direction!

It's been a while... I've spent the last month or so setting up a vision I had a while back - Audigoa FX. Hopefully a new and fresh company in the stompbox market. The new site will be up tomorrow alongside the first pedal to be released - The Waterfall Overdrive. Top secret until then :-)

The Battle Weapon Delay and all the modulators will be released very soon. I have a few design ideas I need to integrate with the modulators. It's all going along, a bit slower than I would like (Parts suppliers???) , but it's still going. I suppose in the end it will lend itself to an even better product!

Friday, 11 May 2007

New Battle Series Cases

Here are a few pictures of my new style cases, designed specially for the Battle Weapon Series of pedals that I'm currently designing. Check out the neato Jackson Pollock style paint job and nifty graphics. Very nice! Only need another 4 colour combinations now. Below you can see the cases for the Electronic Battle Loop (the white, black and red one) and the Electronic Battle Oscillator (the grey, white, black and yellow case!)

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Working Prototype shots of the Battle Loop

Recently I've been working away on the first of the Electronic Battle Loop Pedals. Heres how far it's come - the finished version will have proper decals applied (The graphics on the pedal at the moment are just a paper lay on to line everything up! ), an extra footswitch, red knobs and red LEDs and 2 sockets for plugging in a modulation signal from the modulation devices. The two knobs are for 'clean boost' and 'feedback level' You can see the colour version of the graphics a bit lower down the page.

First Protoview!

Another Protoview

The Innards so far

The Graphics

The Alternate Graphics

Which version of the graphics do you guys prefer? The dark or the light? If you could post you opinion in the comments section of this post it would be a great help!

Friday, 13 April 2007

Electronic Battle Loop Prototype Videos!

Four new (although rubbish quality thanks to my mobile phone!) videos. This time of the Electronic Battle Loop prototype.

Electronic Battle Loop - LFO Tremolo

Electronic Battle Loop - Sequenced Tremolo

Electronic Battle Loop - Feedback Mode

Electronic Battle Loop - Sequenced Trem/Feedback

Friday, 6 April 2007

One Last Thing!

Christ, have I been busy today! Here's one last thing - a sneak peek at my new range of pedals and modulators. Check 'em out. Remember that these things can be combined together to create all manner of beeps, bloops and bangs!

Prototype Electronic Battle Weapon Pictures

Here's a few pictures of the almost finished (just waiting for the parts to arrive, a few sockets and stuff) prototype of the Electronic Battle Weapon, this version is going to be a deluxe model that I'll sell off when it's finished. The Electronic Battle Weapon Delay is housed in the Wah shell and the Sequencer, LFO and Envelope follower are in the BB sized box. In the next versions of the Battle Weapon each modulation unit will be in a seperate enclosure, with a dedicated on/off switch and there will be no Morley Wah shell, the Battle Weapon will be housed in a regular BB sized box.
Electronic Battle Weapon & Modulator

Modulator - LFO, Sequencer, Envelope Follower

Electronic Battle Weapon Delay

Jackson Pollock Style

Just a quick post to show off the pedal I've just finished, a piece of custom work with a Jackson Pollock paint job. It's a gnarly fuzz with a rate reducing filter on the end - it makes your guitar sound like a lo-fi keyboard on a ring mod setting. Pretty cool. Check out the 'kustom' page on my website to here some sound samples!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Almost there!

I've almost finished the new website and the designs for my new 'Battle Weapon' Series of pedals - The Electronic Battle Weapon, Electronic Battle Fuzz and Electronic Battle Loop. The modulation devices which also go along with the pedals are also nearing completion. The LFO has been completed, the envelope follower and sequencer are in the final stages of development! I'm looking forward to releasing these - they really are something new and unique to the Effect Pedal world, a place which has been becoming increasingly stagnant as of late.

Check out these videos of the prototype Electronic Battle Weapon in action - I'm sorry for the poor quality, they were created using a mobile phone! Expect better quality vids soon!

Electronic Battle Weapon & Sequencer

Electronic Battle Weapon & LFO - Wide Flange

Electronic Battle Weapon & LFO - Delayed Vibrato

Electronic Battle Weapon & Envelope Follower - Dive Flange

Electronic Battle Weapon & Sequencer - Wall of Noise